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Faculty: Del Ratzsch

Del Ratzsch, Professor, Philosophy

Hiemenga Hall 343

Weekly Schedule
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curriculum vitae (.pdf)

Educational Background

PhD, University of Massachusetts
MA, University of Massachusett
BA, Western Washington University


  • Fundamental Questions in Philosophy (153)
  • Introduction to Logic (171)
  • Interim: Sherlock Holmes (Interim)

Research Interests

Philosophy of Science, Evolutionary Psychology, Science and Religion


Nature, Design and ScienceNature, Design and Science. SUNY Press, 2001, in the "Philosophy and Biology" Series.

Science and Its LimitsScience and Its Limits. 2000: InterVarsity. (Translated into Hungarian, Chinese, Korean, and Macedonian. An electronic edition is also available.)

The Battle of Beginnings: why neither side is winning the creation/evolution debate. 1996: InterVarsity. (Translated into Chinese.)

Philosophy of Science: the natural sciences in Christian perspective.1986: InterVarsity. (Translated into Korean.)

Recent Publications/Presentations

"The Quine-Duhem Thesis," in Campbell, Heidi and Looy, Heather (Eds.) The Science and Religion Primer (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic, 2009).

"Science and Religion," Chapter 3, pp. 54-77 in Flint, Thomas and Rea, Michael (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Philosophical Theology (NY: Oxford, 2009).

"Humanness in Their Hearts: where science and religion fuse." Chapter 1, pp. 215-245 in Schloss, Jeffrey and Murray, Michael (Eds.), The Believing Primate: Scientific, Philosophical and Theological Reflections on the Origin of Religion (NY: Oxford, 2009).

"The Nature of Science: past and present conceptions" (pp. 39-58), "The Religious Roots of Science: what science owes to theology" (pp. 59-82), and "The Alleged Demise of Religion: greatly exaggerated reports from the science-religion 'wars'" (pp. 83-107), in Melville Y. Stewart and ??? (Chanchi Hao) (Eds.), Science and Religion in Dialogue: Papers from the 2005 Wuhan Lecture Series, (Blackwell, 2010).

"Intelligent Design in Biology: some legitimate roles" and "Reply to Prof. Ayala," in Francisco Ayala and Robert Arp (Eds.), Contemporary Debates in Philosophy of Biology (Blackwell, 2010).

Additional information

Read an article by Prof. Ratzsch, "Design Theory and its Critics: Monologues Passing in the Night," on Calvin's Virtual Library of Christian Philosophy.

Read an interview with Prof. Ratzsch about science and design.