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Academics: Honors

Get with the program: graduate with honors in philosophy

Students wishing to graduate with honors in philosophy must complete the following requirements:

  • six honors courses overall, including two philosophy honors courses with a grade of B or higher and at least one at the 300-level
  • minimum cumulative GPA of 3.3
  • minimum GPA in the philosophy major of 3.0
  • submission and presentation of an honors paper

Each semester, the Philosophy department offers an Honors section of Philosophy 153: Fundamental Questions in Philosophy. Honors credit can be gained in advanced-level classes by making special arrangements with the professor teaching the class.

Check out the Honors Program home page to learn about other benefits and opportunities related to the program.

Recent Honors Graduate:
Edirin Ibru

Edirin graduated with honors in philosophy in 2009 and completed his honors thesis, entitled “The Human Paradox: Exploring Freedom, the Individual, and Social Longing in Humanity," under the supervision of Prof. Ruth Groenhout.