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Scuba students learning to dive in the Venema Aquatic Center

Academic Programs: Core Courses

Calvin requires that you take three Physical Education courses as part of the core requirements to graduate, one from each category. Course descriptions can be found here.

Level I: Personal Fitness

PER 101 Jogging & Road Racing

PER 102 Nordic Walking

PER 103 Road Cycling

PER 104 Core Strength & Balance Training (new)

PER 105 Aerobic Dance

PER 106 Cardio Cross Training

PER 107 Strength & Conditioning

PER 108 Aquatic Fitness

PER 110 Water Aerobics (new)

PER 112 Special Topics in Personal Fitness (new)

Level II: Leisure & Lifetime Activities

PER 120 Scuba

PER 124 Swim I

PER 125 Swim II

PER 126 Cross Country Skiing

PER 127 Downhill Skiing

PER 128 Ice Skating

PER 129 Karate

PER 130 Self Defense

PER 132 Golf I

PER 133 Golf II

PER 137 Bowling

PER 138 Wilderness Pursuits

PER 141 Rock Climbing I

PER 142 Rock Climbing II

PER 143 Canoeing

PER 144 Frisbee

PER 145 Fly Fishing

PER 150 Special Topics in LLA (new)

PER 151 Tap Dance I

PER 152 Jazz Dance I

PER 153 Modern Dance I

PER 154 Sacred Dance

PER 155 Ballet I

PER 156 Creative Dance

PER 157 Rhythm in Dance

PER 158 Social Dance

PER 159 Square & Folk Dance

Level III: Sport, Dance & Society

PER 161 Tap Dance II

PER 162 Jazz Dance II

PER 163 Modern Dance II

PER 165 Ballet II

PER 167 Period Styles of Dance

PER 168 Visual Design in Dance

PER 170 Special Topics in SDS (new)

PER 171 Racquetball

PER 172 Water Polo

PER 173 Basketball

PER 174 Volleyball I

PER 175 Volleyball II

PER 176 Cooperative World Games

PER 177 Slow Pitch Softball

PER 180 Badminton I

PER 181 Badminton II

PER 182 Tennis I

PER 183 Tennis II

PER 185 Soccer