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Healthy Habits: News & Announcements

"Weight Watchers @ Work"
  • Meets Wednesdays at noon in Spoelhof Center, SC 322.
  • Present session runs: June 4 - August 27, 2014.
  • NEW ongoing sessions begin September 3.
  • FREE to Healthy Blue Living (HBL) participants with a BMI of 30 or more
    • Your personal physician must submit an eligibility form to BCBS in order for you to have access to Weight Watchers vouchers.
    • After completing 11 out of each 13-week session, repeat participants must send a completed proof of attendance form to BCN to obtain the next set of vouchers.
  • $156 for non-HBL participants
Personal training
  • All faculty, staff and spouses are eligible for a one-time, four FREE, 1-hour sessions.
  • Contact for more information.
  • Personal Training registration form.
Other Offerings