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Outdoor Recreation: Interims

Interim Course Offerings (3 Credits)

Southwest Outdoor Educator (Jan 2013)

  • Base Camp Flagstaff, Arizona
  • NOLS/WMI Wilderness First Responder (WFR) Backcountry Medical Certification
  • Grand Canyon National Park Backpacking Expedition
  • 10 Climbing Passes to Vertical Relief during WFR
  • 4 day AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Primer with AMGA Instructor

Florida Experiential Educator (Jan 2012)

  • Everglades Sea Kayak and Canoe Expedition
  • Road Cycling Tour through the Keys
  • Experiential Education Program Exploration
  • Snorkeling, Camping, and Exploring through the Keys

Costa Rica Cross-Cultural Trekking and Whitewater – CCE (Jan 2014)

  • 11 days of Rainforest Backpacking and Cultural Exploration
  • 10 days of Whitewater Instruction in White Water Rescue, Raft Captaining, Hard-Shell White Water Kayaking
  • Rescue 3 White Water Rescue Certification through Rescue 3
  • 3 Days of Surf Instruction
  • Sea Turtle Restoration Project

Panama Scuba, Surf, and Sail – CCE (Jan 2013)

  • Partner with Costa Rica Outward Bound School
  • Solarte Island Base Camp and Cultural Exploration
  • 9 day Scuba Certification; including night, wreck, and deep water dive
  • 4 day Sailing Curriculum
  • 5 days of Surf Instruction
  • Cultural Exchange through Communities near Boca Del Torre

Australia Biking: Be Fit for Life – CCE (Jan 2013)

  • 14 day 700 mile bike tour around the Southern coast of Australia
  • Emphasis on the chemical and biochemical nature of nutrition
  • Cultural comparisons on nutrition and exercise