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Pre-Departure Information

Travel Arrangements (Airline Baggage Restrictions)

Calvin semester programs (with the exception of Washington D.C. and New Mexico) includes the cost of round trip airfare from Grand Rapids to your off-campus program location. During your pre-departure preparations, you will be asked to fill out a travel form indicating your travel plans. If you are going to travel on the same dates as the group (either from Grand Rapids or your home town) Calvin will make your travel arrangement. If you want to travel on different dates (either going earlier or staying late) you will be responsible for making your own travel arrangements. Once these arrangements are made, please notify the OCP office. At this time, the OCP office will credit your miscellaneous account for the price of the group fare from Grand Rapids. If you are leaving from a city other than Grand Rapids and the price of the ticket is more than the group fare you will be charged the additional cost.

All luggage costs are the responsibility of the student. Each airline carrier has different rules and restrictions that students are responsible to know and follow. Typically, one piece of luggage is included with your ticket (up to 50 pounds), with a second piece incurring an extra charge. Paying for extra baggage or overweight bags can be expensive, so make sure to check with the airline about luggage restrictions.