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Pre-Departure Information

Sustainable Study Abroad

The benefits of studying off-campus are well documented; however, traveling and studying abroad can have social and environmental impacts on the world around us. As you prepare for your semester off-campus, think about how you can minimize your impact. How will you be culturally sensitive to your new surroundings? How will you minimize the environmental impact of your trip?

One way is to try to reduce your carbon footprint for your travel. This can be done in several different ways. You could volunteer with a local environmental organization and plant trees or a garden or work in other ways to enhance the environment. Another option is to make a donation to the Calvin Energy Recovery Fund (CERF). CERF is a revolving fund used to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide emission on campus. The energy savings from CERF projects are routed back into the fund for five years after the project payoff; thereby growing the fund to support future projects. More information can be found here.