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Student Conduct and Living Abroad

Student Conduct Code

While studying off-campus you will be held to the same conduct code as if you were studying on-campus. The official and most current version of the Student Conduct Code is found online. As you prepare for your semester off-campus, be mindful of the following:
- Romance: Off-campus romances can be enticing, but they also hold additional challenges. A romance between two Calvin students will be difficult, because it will be played out in front of everybody else in the program and it will affect the dynamics of the whole group. A romance between a Calvin student and a host country national can be even more problematic and potentially traumatic. Be very cautious. Keep in mind, that sexual misconduct can result in expulsion for the program, and the student(s) sent home with no refund.
- Alcohol and Drug Use: The legal drinking age varies by program location. For programs outside the United State the legal drinking age tends to be younger, offering you more freedom in making decisions about alcohol. Program Directors will expect you to use this freedom responsibly with the realization that demonstrations of public or private drunkenness can result in expulsion from the program after a warning. You should be especially aware of the impact of alcohol has on your decision making process, alcohol can also contribute greatly to the possibility of you being a victim of crime. As a result, think twice before you drink, and if you do decide to drink, do so in moderation.