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Returning to the U.S.

Re-entry - Strategies for Civic Engagement and Social Action

Create a re-entry action plan by answering the following question: I plan to do the following in order to contribute to positive social change on my campus or home community through engagement in my community and my continued involvement with my host country or region?
Stop in the Service-Learning Center (SLC) and explore the opportunities to get involved that connect to issues you explored while studying off-campus.
Identify immigrants from the host country you studied and try to connect with the immigrant community from this region of the world.
Write an article for your local newspaper or college paper about how your experience abroad helped you gain global understanding about a particular global issue. What is your perspective about a social issue having lived abroad?
Determine whether community service activities you’ve carried out during the program can be applied to your home community and look into continuing these types of activities at home.
Stay current on world events.

----------- Be the change you what to see in the world. -Ghandi