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Finances and Logistics

Program Fees

The price of each semester program is based on the total costs of the semester divided by the total number of students who participate. As a result, the final price of any program is not fully established until the final group studying off-campus has been identified (after academic registration for the following semester – early/mid November for spring semester programs and late April/early May for fall semester programs). As soon as the final price of each program is established the OCP office will send this information directly to all accepted students.

In order for you to have some price information related to the program you might be considering, the OCP office will provide a price range for the program. The college attempts to keep the off-campus program price comparable to the price of tuition, room and board (based on a 21 meal plan) plus round trip airfare for the given semester program. If the cost of the semester is less than the tuition, room and board cost of the same semester at Calvin, you will pay Calvin’s tuition and room and board cost. If the cost of an off-campus semester is greater than the tuition, room, and board, cost for the same semester at Calvin, you will pay the actual cost of the program. Additional information can be found here.

The price of the program typically covers the following costs:
- Tuition, room & board;
- Transportation to and from international locations (from Grand Rapids);
- Selected excursions throughout the semester;
- Visa costs;
- Travel insurance (this insurance is a major medical supplemental health insurance policy that also provides financial assistance for medical or political evacuations if needed, this insurance does NOT pay for expenses if the student decides not to participate in the program).