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Pre-Departure Information

Insurance (Medical and Travel)

All students must have hospitalization and medical insurance that is valid outside of the United States while studying off-campus. You must complete and turn in the Health Insurance Verification Form prior to departure. For students not covered under their parents’ health insurance, Knightcare is available through the Health Services Office at Calvin. Another option is HTH Worldwide Insurance Services.

Prior to leaving for your off-campus experience, please check with your health insurance company to find out what they cover when you travel. Ask about the process for submitting claims during international travel. While doctors and hospitals in the U.S. require only that you present a policy number at the time of service, this is not the case abroad. Regardless of what insurance they have, students will be expected to pay all medical bills themselves at the time of service. However, this is generally much less expensive than in the U.S. Remember to get itemized statements and present them to the insurance company to be reimbursed for medical expenses. If your insurance company says you are covered for urgent/emergency care while abroad, you should have sufficient coverage.

In addition to your own primary care insurance, Calvin purchases travel insurance for all students studying on one of Calvin’s programs (semester or interim) outside the United States. This insurance includes supplemental health insurance (for major medical expenses) and pays for emergency re-location in case of illness or political unrest. Additional information about health insurance while abroad as well as Calvin’s travel insurance policy can be found here.

The travel insurance bought by Calvin does NOT pay for the cost of the semester if you are not able to participate in the semester program. You may want to consider purchasing additional insurance to cover your trip if you don’t go on the trip for medical or other reasons. In addition you can purchase insurance to cover items that are stolen and lost luggage, if you so desire. The student would be expected to cover these additional expenses. se expenses would be covered by the student.