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Finances and Logistics

Financial Aid (including work study)

All your financial aid (Calvin and non-Calvin) will be applied to the costs of one of Calvin semester programs. Students who wish to participate in a Non-Calvin Off-Campus Program should check with the Off-Campus Programs Office to see how their financial aid will apply. Additional information on financial aid can be found at:

The OCP office also encourages you to explore other potential scholarships that you may be eligible. Additional information on potential scholarship from Calvin and other sources can be found on the scholarship page of the OCP website.

Guest students participating in a Calvin off-campus programs receive no financial aid from Calvin. They should consult with their own institution to see if their home institution will continue their financial aid package for the time they are away.
Work study: No employment is available to students while on off-campus programs (especially those in foreign locations). You travel overseas on a student visa or with the understanding that you are temporary guests, which specifically prevents you from seeking employment or earning money while you are in the country.