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Student Conduct and Living Abroad

Communicating With Parents

One of the goals of the Off-Campus Program Office is to facilitate the growth and development of all students who participate in an off-campus semester or interim. The College believes one way to encourage this development in students is to treat them as adults (see the parent resources guide).

The Off Campus Programs Office seeks to encourage the development of students in the following ways:
- Communicate directly with students and encourage parents to do the same;
- Encourage students to communicate directly with their parent(s);

FERPA (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974) provides guidelines that inform how the college interacts with students and parents (read more info on FERPA). Student’s permission is requested to share general information with his or her parent(s) (i.e. financial information, academic progress -- grades, academic services and accommodations, general group updates, group dynamics, and personal counseling matters). However, in the case of an emergency (as deemed by the college, see examples below), parents will be contacted immediately;

Even though communication to parents via students is the operative principle, it is not an absolute one. Exceptions could include:
- Hospitalization such that students are unable to contact parents personally;
- Serious disciplinary action for a violation of the student conduct code (e.g. most case resulting in disciplinary probation and in cases of suspension). In these cases, parents must by notified. Our preferred method is to allow students a short but reasonable time frame to make contact with their parent(s). Parent(s) are then asked to contact the Director of Off-Campus Programs for further discussion;
- Suicide attempt; and
- Permission by the student to deal directly with parent(s).