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Student Conduct and Living Abroad

Behavioral Appeal Process for Off-Campus Semester Programs

This process is for students who are NOT recommended for an off-campus program (by Student Life). If your preliminary application for a semester program was not recommended by student life, you can appeal to the Director of Off-Campus Programs. If you decide to pursue an appeal you should write a letter to the Director of Off-Campus Programs addressing the following questions:

- What was the violation?
- What has been done to address the violation?
- Why the violation will not be an issue on the off-campus program, which you are applying?
- Why should you be allowed to participate in the off-campus program?
- Why do you need to go on this program at this particular point in your academic career?

You may also wish to include a letter of recommendation from a authority figure who can attest to the fact the violation will not reoccur (not required).

Once the Off-Campus Programs Director receives an appeal letter, it will be sent to the director of the specific program for which the student applied. The final decision for student participation is to be made by the Director of Off-Campus Programs in consultation with the program director. If the appeal is granted the you must meet with the program director to develop a formal contract outlining all expectations for the program. Successful student contracts could include the following:

- Behavioral expectations prior to the trip (e.g. specific GPA, no additional violations, etc)
- Behavioral expectations during the trip (e.g. specific alcohol policies, attendance expectations, etc).
- Adherence to all aspects of Calvin’s student conduct code;
- Consequences if expectations are not met.

The program director or instructor, a Student Life representative, the Director of Off-Campus Programs and you must sign the contract as a pre-requisite to registering for the program. Once signed, the original contract must be filed with the Off-Campus Programs Office.