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Semester Programs: New Mexico Semester

Recommendation Form

*Unless the student has informed you in writing that he/she retains the right to see this recommendation form, you can assume that your responses are confidential.*

Student's name (last, first)

1. How long, and in what connection, have you known the applicant?

2. What characteristics do you consider to be the talents and strengths of the applicant?

3. What characteristics do you consider to be the weaknesses of the applicant?

4. (please select one answer for each row)

  Superior Excellent Strong Average Weak Insufficient
  (top 10%) (top 15%) (top 1/3) (mid 1/3) (bot. 1/3) Information
Intellectual ability
Ability to work with others

Please comment on anything additional about the applicant which may be helpful in selecting participants for the Semester in New Mexico program.

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Please submit this recommendation by May 1, 2014. Thank you!