Interim 2014

Status Chart

Last updated: 9/16/13
If information is not filled in, it is because we haven't received it from the interim instructor yet.

Course No. Course Name


Number of

ART W80 London: Collecting the World 10/1 4 to 8  
BIOL 354 Winter Ecology      
BIOL W10 Tropical Ecosystems:Development 10/1 7  
IDIS W62 Sustaining Hawaii 9/30 5-9  
IDIS W43 Engaging Development in Cambodia      
IDIS W60 China: Culture, Medicine & Bioethics      
BIOL W80 Eye Care in Mexico     Yes-6
IDIS W16 Indian Business & Christianity      
IDIS W10 Adoption & Foster Care for Chinese Children (MAY) 10/1 8  
CAS Cinema Anywhere      
IDIS W12 The Rediscovering of Peru      
IDIS W40 Italy: Ancient & Medieval 10/1 38  
IDIS W15 South Korea: Business & Culture 9/27 25  
EDUC W10 Zambian Education Developments (MAY) 9/20 14  
IDIS W80 Poverty, Homelessness, and Schooling 10/1 10-12  
ENGL W40 New England Saints      
IDIS W44 Business, Engineering & Religion      
FREN W80 Cap Haitien, Haiti 9/27 13  
GERM W80 German Interim Abroad      
DUTC W40 Dutch Interim Abroad      
IDIS W42 In Search of Water in Kenya      
ENST 395 Environmental Studies Capstone 10/1 15  
GEOL 153 Big Sky Geology: Montana (MAY)      
IDIS W17 Costa Rica River & Rainforest Expedition      
IDIS W61 Partnering to Improve Health in Rural India 10/1 4  
IDIS W11 Independent Study in Switzerland      
IDIS W41 Building Communities in Uganda 10/1 10-12  
PSYC W60 European Influence on History of Psychology & Religion 9/18    
REL W40 Israel: Land of the Bible 9/26 20  
IDIS W13 Experiencing Honduras from Coast to Coast 10/1 10  
SOWK W40 Development in Liberia 10/1 10  
SPAN W80 Spanish in Yucatan 9/27 28  
IDIS W81 Brazil: A Study of the African Diaspora in Brazil 9/23 22  
IDIS W14 Christian Pilgrimage in Spain (MAY) 10/1 20  
HIST 380 Field Work in Archeology 10/1 12  
SOC W40 Sociology of Hollywood 10/1 7  


If you wish to find out more about any of them, please contact the Interim Instructor of the course which you can find listed here.