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Interim 2016: May/June Courses

Study off-campus in May and June

EDUC W10 Zambia:  Education within the Culture (MAY).  This course explores enactment of culturally relevant pedagogy in various schools in the Lusaka area of Zambia. Participants will teacher aid and conduct teacher research within two different schools over a two-week timeframe. A few days will be used to explore some of the beautiful cultural sites of Zambia and the surrounding region such as Victoria Falls, and experience a Botswana game drive. In particular, learning about culturally relevant pedagogy will occur through examination of country culture via engagement with society, religion, and politics. The combination of group school visits, classroom aiding experiences, interactions with Zambian school leaders, and local guest speakers will help students to develop their analytical tools of describing pedagogy of those living in a culture very different from that found in the United States. By examining another culture’s educational structures and practices, it is a goal of the course to develop new ways of seeing American schooling and International schooling that is increasingly multicultural. Although the focus of this course is on education, students in other majors will be placed in settings appropriate to their professional interests and will also benefit from international development trends. This course will fulfill the CCE requirement.   Course dates: May 22 - June 12.  Fee: $4250.  M. Terpstra, N. Westbrook.  Off campus.

IDIS W11 Adoption & Foster Care for Chinese Children (MAY). Through readings, guest lecturers, classroom discussions, and experiential learning, students examine the social, medical and educational issues of Chinese children with significant special needs. Students travel from Beijing to Zhengzhou in the Henan Province of China and learn through active volunteering/observation in foster care homes and a Child Welfare Institute. From Zhengzhou they travel to Hong Kong to compare and contrast issues of adoption in different locales. Students gain an initial understanding of Chinese culture and learn about health and educational services for orphaned children with special needs. Students are personally challenged by issues of faith and compassion as they observe in different programs. This course is a CCE optional course.  Course dates:  Fee: $4986.  J. Vander Woude.  Off campus.

IDIS W13 Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage (MAY).  Students experience the ancient Christian practice of pilgrimage, walking 450 kms of the Camino de Santiago and staying in pilgrim hostels. Firsthand experience is supplemented by reading accounts written by pilgrims throughout the ages. As they walk, students interview fellow pilgrims to discover their motivations, their insights and the highlights of their journeys. Students collect and annotate a selection of these interviews as a part of their final project. In addition, each student chooses a particular focus to share with the group throughout the walk such as art, architecture, Spanish history, iconography, traveler stories, folktales and legends, religious rituals, physical challenges.  No knowledge of Spanish language required. Course dates: May 23 – June 15. Fee: $2975. C. Slagter.  Off campus.

IDIS W82 Exploring Modern & Historical Japan (MAY). This course aims to provide students with an opportunity to experience historical and modern aspects of Japan and to reflect on differences and similarities between Japan’s predominantly non-Christian society and their own predominantly Christian society.  Activities include homestays in two locations (a relatively small historical city, Hikone, and a suburban area of the large industrial city of Nagoya), excursions to historical monuments and museums, and daily casual discussions.  Students will visit churches and schools and have interactions with local Japanese people.  Learning objectives are to nurture openness to different perspectives and faith traditions by reflecting students’ own faith traditions and rituals, to have a better understanding of Japanese society and life, and to enhance awareness of language skill use through meaningful contacts with Japanese people, aided by the instructor.   The participants will prepare their own specific topic during the 2016 spring semester, conduct small-scale field research by carrying out focused-observations and casual interviews, and keep journals during their three-week stay in Japan.  After returning home, students will write a summary report on their own topic.  This course may fulfill an elective for Japanese and Asian Studies programs.  This course will fulfill the CCE requirement.  Prerequisites: Japanese 102 and permission of the instructor.  Course dates: May 23- June 11.   Fee: $4250.  K. Schau. Off-campus.

MUSC W60 Choral Music of Spain and Portugal (MAY). Members of the Capella participate in worship services, present concerts, participate in workshops in the area of choral music in various cities in Spain and Portugal. The course is taught by the instructor through performance and in workshop setting with composers of choral music in Spain. The instructor also leads group discussions with the ensemble and facilitates interaction with local musicians, church members and local college students. Students experience worship in a cross-cultural context and communion with other members of the Body of Christ through fellowship and song. The choir experiences collaboration with other local choirs via joint concerts in various cities.  The course will begin with intensive rehearsals and lectures on campus, followed by a twelve-day trip to Spain and Portugal. The sessions prior to the trip will include talks on the rich heritage of early Spanish choral music (which the choir would have been learning and performing throughout the regular academic year), its impact on European choral music and onto the New World, and the current vibrant choral life in Spain and Portugal, along with a secondary focus on choral music with texts written by Spanish luminaries such as Ignatius of Loyola, Teresa of Avila and others.  This course will fulfill the CCE requirement.  Prerequisite: Fall or spring enrollment in MUSC 141.  Course dates:  Fee: $4395.  P. Shangkuan, L. Hoisington.  Off campus.

GEOL 153 Big Sky Geology: Montana (MAY)(4 semester hours). This course in geology is based in southwest Montana. Southwest Montana offers superb field exposures and is within driving distance of outstanding geological localities including Yellowstone National Park and Craters of the Moon National Monument. This course fulfills the physical science core requirement, and emphasizes outdoor, field-based investigation and learning. Students will be introduced to the breadth of geological study leading to responsible Christian appreciation and stewardship of Earth, including rocks and minerals, landforms and surficial processes, geological hazards, and natural resources. Field activities are an important part of each day and the field experience will complement morning lecture and lab activities. As a graded course, exams will cover lecture and text, and students will be required to complete lab assignments, construct a written field log, and choose a special field project. Not open to students who have completed Geology/Geography 120, Geology 151or Geology 112. NOTE:  This 2-week Interim in May course begins immediately after spring commencement, and includes 4 on-campus, Thursday evening sessions (6-8pm) in April.  Course dates: May 23 - June 6.  Fee $1300. G. Van Kooten. Off campus.