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Interim 2014

Religion W40: Israel: Land of the Bible

Course Description:

This course, based in Israel at Jerusalem University College, studies the geographical and historical setting of the Bible. Students will visit ancient historical and arcahaelogical sites with about 80% of the course taught in the field. Students tour key sites in and around Jerusalem, throughout ancient Judea, and in the region of the Dead Sea, as well as making two overnight excursions—one to Galilee and another to the Negev (southern desert regions). Students also experience contemporary Jewish and Arab cultures, along with the current religious and political situation. Jerusalem University College's location just outside the walls of the old city of Jerusalem makes it a perfect venue for first hand study of the biblical world. Students engage in readings, map work, and field studies. Evaluation is based on completed mapwork, journals, and quizzes.





Contact Information:

Professor K. Pomykala, Department of Religion



Course information:

• Approximate Dates:Jan. 4- Jan. 27 (including flights).

• Estimated Cost: $4,100. Includes airfare, ground transportation in Israel, Jerusalem University College's tuition and room and board fees, and map materials.

Planned Itinerary

• Fulfills CCE core.

• Students need a passport valid for six months beyond date of return from Israel.



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Historical and Geographical Settings Course

Course Itinerary Highlights

• Security Issues:
JUC Student Security Questions
U.S. State Department Travel Warning for Israel
U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem

U.S. Passport Information and Applications

• Maps:
Israel 1
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• Israeli Newspapers:
The Jersusalem Post

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