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Interim 2015: Instructor Information

The following information should be helpful to you as you plan for your interim. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

1. Off-Campus Interim Instructor Checklist

2. Off-Campus Interim Instructors FAQ

3. Instructor Packet of Forms - Select the documents you need; save them to your computer in order to make changes, or print them out as is.

Group Travel Request Form - complete and send to the Financial Services Office by late May (for interims that require air travel).
Group Itinerary / Emergency contact numbers - complete and send to the OCP office by early December.
Travel Health Preliminary Questionnaire - to be completed and sent to Travel Health by the end of August if you are taking students to countries other than U.S.A, Canada, Western Europe, Greece, Japan, Australia or New Zealand.
Vehicle Driving Release - You must be a Calvin authorized driver by following the steps found here if you will be responsible for driving students. Please complete by early December.
Verification of Insurance - Have students complete and keep a copy in your files.
Emergency Contact Form - Have your students complete one of these for you.
Receipt for Funds (signature) -Have students sign form as funds are disbursed.
Request for Permission for Alternate Travel Arrangements- Must be completed by students who request alternate travel arrangements to and/or from the interim.
Roster for INTERNATIONAL programs (for ACE Insurance) or roster for DOMESTIC programs to be sent electronically to the OCP office ( in November 15. These rosters will contain more information than the class list which is to be sent to OCP by October 15.
Sample Approval e-mail - for students accepted into your interim.
Terms and Conditions - Students should read and sign once they are accepted into the Interim.

4. Interim Reconciliation Worksheet (Excel document from the Financial Services Office)

5. "Theft Thwarters" - This document offers numerous (too many!) tips on protecting oneself and one's property while traveling. It is a Word document that you can download to adapt it for the needs of your group or use it as the basis for your own anti-theft advice to your group.

6. Interim Conduct Guidelines - This was used by an Interim course and has some wonderful pointers for students. It is a MS Word document, so you can adjust or add to the information before giving it to students.

7. Information about ACE Insurance for Calvin students who are studying abroad.



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