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Interim Financial Aid

Apply for financial aid for your interim course:

You can receive financial aid toward your off-campus interim course in the form of an interim grant or a named scholarship.

Interim grants

A student could be eligible for approximately 20% of the net cost of an interim (interim cost minus room and board adjustment) if they have filled out the Interim Grant Application and have qualified for need-based aid. Need is determined by filing the Federal FAFSA application or Calvin's Canadian Financial Aid Form.

Grants are awarded on a rolling basis after students have filled out the Interim Grant Application. The application deadline is the end of October, but late applications may still be considered.

Please note that this grant is different from the Interim Travel grant from Student Housing given to students living in on campus housing. (The grant from student housing is $500 if you live on campus the whole year and $250 if you live on campus fall or spring semester. To verify the amount of your reimbursement, please check with the Housing Office).

Interim scholarships

Some named scholarships are available for students traveling off-campus for interim. The amount of these scholarships varies. Check with financial aid to find out more.





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Please check here for the forms for the Off-Campus Interim Grant and the Off-Campus Interim Scholarship. The forms you will need are typically available at some time in September preceding the interim.