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Director Resources: Policies

Financial and travel policies for off-campus semester program directors

Calvin provides:

  • airfare for you, your spouse, and any school-age (high school age or younger) children who accompany you for the entire semester, OR
    • your spouse’s airfare for two visits, OR
    • for one visit by your spouse and school-age children during the semester.
  • rent and utilities while on site;
  • Internet access and a laptop computer;
  • local public transportation costs for director (If a vehicle is necessary, arrangements must be discussed well in advance and approved by the Off-Campus Programs Director.);
  • any immunizations and prophylaxes necessary for residence at the program site for you and any family members who accompanying you or visit you (see #1);
  • an Interim off or summer stipend (Fall programs only) to compensate you for the time required to recruit and prepare students for the program and to move to the program site.  The choice of reduced load or summer stipend is to be determined in consultation between you and your department (this does not apply to the Honduras Development or China programs, which have other arrangements).

Calvin does not provide:

  1. director's or family members' meals, except the director's as part of a field trip
  2. local transportation costs for family members (unless local public transportation is not available)
  3. airfare for any children who are college age or above
  4. separate accommodations for visiting family members unless your lodgings are unsuitable for sharing (such as a room in a private home); family accommodation arrangements must be approved by the Director of Off-Campus Programs in advance of the visit.

Family participation in program trips
If members of your family participate in program trips, you should reimburse Calvin for the additional costs, if any.  (For example, if costs are for “group” rates and your family’s participation does not add to the costs, you owe Calvin nothing.  If there are additional admission tickets to be purchased, you should reimburse Calvin for those.)

Independent travel

As the program director on-site, you are responsible for the students and you should be available to them as much as possible in case of an emergency.  If you plan to leave the program site during the course of the program for personal or professional travel, you should inform the Director of Off-Campus Programs of your projected absence and the reason for your travel.  You should be:
1.   reachable by cell phone or other reliable communication;
2.   able to return to the program site within a few hours.
Always designate at least one back-up person (preferably more) who will be available, and provide the students with the relevant name(s), contact information, etc.

These restrictions do not apply during program vacation/break times, when students take responsibility for themselves. 


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