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Director Resources: Application Procedure

How to apply for the directorship of an off-campus program

The application has three parts, as follows:

1.  A cover letter indicating your interest in directing an off-campus program, indicating the program and year(s) for which you are applying.  (It is possible to be considered for both years, although appointment will be for only one.)

If you wish to apply for more than one program, you may do so, but you should submit a separate application for each one.

2.  A document in which you describe the following:

  • Your experience working with students in non-classroom settings
  • Your experience living/working abroad, with and/or without students
  • Your strategy for dealing with the issue of responsible freedom in the context of an off-campus program
  • The course you propose to teach in addition to the culture course that is already a part of the program.  In your description, please indicate how the foreign context will relate to the course content.  (The description need not be fully developed at this point.)  Some directors have taught courses already in the catalogue, while others have created courses appropriate for the particular context of the program.  Courses that meet a core requirement are preferred, though this is not mandatory.)

Be sure to include on each page of the document your name and the program and semester for which you are applying!  Please submit your application in electronic form if possible.

3.  Two recommendations, one of which must be from your chair.  (If you are the department chair, please request of the previous chair that he/she write the chair’s recommendation for you.)  The other should be from a faculty colleague at Calvin or a previous colleague at another college or university.  If possible, in addition to the hard copy, please arrange for electronic submission of your recommendations. 


Please submit your dossier to Arlene Hoogewerf, Chair, Off-Campus Programs Committee, by June 30, 2008, and ask your recommenders to submit their recommendations by the same date.


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