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Interim Instructor/Semester Director Resources

Re-entry Resources

Re-entry is the process of returning home after spending time off-campus. Re-entry is often most difficult for students who have studied abroad but it can also be present for those who have had an intense experience in the United States.

The re-entry process can be more difficult for some than others but almost all students experience some form of reverse culture shock as they return home after an intense semester off-campus. Similar to culture shock, students can find themselves moving through various stages as they work to integrate their time away into their life at home. There are a number of strategies that they can employ to help in this transition process. Please take a moment to review these strategies and find the ones that will work best for you.

Calvin has a number of resources that you can take advantage of as you make this transition.

Strategies for Personal/Emotional Re-entry
Strategies for Civic Engagement and Social Action
Strategies for Academic Reintegration
Strategies for Professional Development

If you have questions or concerns please contact the Off-Campus Programs Office,




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