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Interim Instructor/Semester Director Resouces


This page will serve as a central location for the forms you will use in your off-campus interim or semester (once you have left campus).

Independent Travel Form If student will be traveling independently from the group for an overnight or for more than 18 hours, please have them complete this independent travel form.  For semester directors, you can have them fill the form out once and then have students email you travel plans on additional trips.  It is very important for you to have contact information on students (by having their itineraries)  in the case we have to track them down in an event of an emergency.  

Incident Report Form:  This form should be fill out whenever a student goes to the doctor or the hospital for medical treatment or if there is any type of incident (e.g. theft, robbery, etc) that may require follow-up by the instructor, director, or the off-campus programs office.  A link to this on-line form can also be found on our home page.  Whenever possible work with the student to complete the form. 

For Vehicle rentals: See information on the Travel Policy Page.
Calvin College State of Michigan Certificate of No-Fault Insurance
Calvin College Accident Report Form

Forms for Interim acceptance:
Sample Approval e-mail - for students accepted into your interim.
Terms and Conditions - Students should read and sign once they are accepted into the Interim.