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Interim Instructor/Semester Director Resouces

Curriculum Resources

This page provides examples of innovative curricular resources used by your peers at Calvin as well as other colleges and universities. Our hope is that as you review the work of others, you will be able to adapt and or create similar resources to support the educational goals for your off-campus study experience.

Understanding Culture Shock - handout for students

Understanding Culture Shock - handout for students with sample answers

On the Trail of the Whiskey Robber - This is an assignment used in Budapest, Hungary which intergrates Julian Rubenstein's book Ballad of the Whiskey Robber into a scavenger hunt exploring the city while discussing a number of important themes in the book. (Thanks to Jeff Bouman).

Culture Questions - This is a list of basic questions about your host country and culture which you can use as a guide as you seek information.

Ghana Cultural Challenges - This is an assignment to get students out into the community and exploring on their own. The Off-Campus Programs Office adapted a similar set of challenges for Grand Rapids when students return. What might challenges look like for your experience? (Thanks to Beryl Hugen)

Devotions - A series of devotions (one for each week of a 14 week semester) that helps students and faculty reflect on a number of themes and challenges from an off-campus experience. (Thanks to Cynthia Slagter and Mary Hulst for sharing).

Pilgrimage - The following are fictitious letters between an off-campus study advisor and a student as the student experiences the ups and downs of living internationally. Each letter can be a stand alone case study that you could use with your students, and at the end of each letter are discussion questions related to the themes of each letter. (Thanks to Don DeGraaf)

  • Letter One: Seeing your off-campus experience as a pilgrimage.
  • Letter Two: The Practices of Pilgrimage
  • Letter Three: Building the internal group versus Engaging the Other
  • Letter Four: Sharing your faith while studying off-campus