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Checklist for Applying to a Non-Calvin
Off-Campus Semester Program


To participate in a Calvin off-campus semester program, you must have sophomore status, a minimum G.P.A. of 2.5, and you must go through a two-part application process consisting of a general preliminary application and a program application.

Any potential off-campus study program could fit into this category.  Students are encouraged to explore the wide variety of potential programs.  The Off-Campus Programs Office can serve as a resource for students as they search.


For students planning to do a non-Calvin program in the following year (Fall or Spring) the slot application deadline is April 1. To receive full consideration, slot applications must be submitted by April 1. Applications received after April 1 will be reviewed until all slots are filled. Students not applying to take 50% of their financial aid to non-Calvin programs can still complete an application to attend non-Calvin programs but no financial aid will be awarded for non-Calvin programs after June 1 for the following year.

Remember too, that deadlines vary by program, be sure to leave yourself enough time to complete the application process for the program you are choosing.

Financial Aid Deadlines 

For non-Calvin programs you will receive 100% of your “outside” (federal and state) aid, but none of your Calvin issued aid will be automatically awarded.  If you would like to apply to keep 50% of your Calvin-issued aid, you will need to apply for a “slot" by completing the appropriate parts of the preliminary application.

Slot applications will be reviewed starting in mid March and the review process will continue until all slots are awarded or until June 1.  AFTER JUNE 1, NO ADDITONAL FINANCIAL AID WILL BE AWARDED TO PARTICIPATE IN A NON-CALVIN OFF-CAMPUS SEMESTER PROGRAM.

Complete the Preliminary Application

  • The preliminary application determines your academic and social eligibility for an off-campus program. 
  • Applications are available from the Off-Campus Programs Office (Hiemenga Hall 322) or can be printed out by clicking here.
  • Instructions for completing the preliminary application: 
    • Consult your advisor concerning the credits in the program you'd like to apply for and have him/her sign your preliminary application form. Make sure to talk about the courses you will take in your semester after you return from your program—you'll be gone during advising. 
    • Get approval from the department chair for your major and/or minor if you would like any credits from the off-campus semester to be applied to your major or minor program. 
    • Return the completed preliminary application to the Off-Campus Programs office. 
  • If your preliminary application is denied, you can appeal this decision using the following guidelines.

Complete the Application 

  • Once the preliminary application is approved you will need to obtain an application from your desired program of study and return it to the program directly.   
  • Once you are accepted into a program make sure you communicate with Calvin’s Off-Campus Programs office concerning your status for off-campus study.   Communicate with the off-campus programs office so that the program can bill Calvin directly.  Calvin will then bill you and your financial aid will apply directly to the cost of the program.
  • Calvin will bill students at least the cost of Calvin tuition with an additional administrative fee between $250 and $500 depending on the program.