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Checklist for Applying to a Calvin Off-Campus Semester Program


To participate in a Calvin off-campus semester program, you must have sophomore status, a minimum G.P.A. of 2.5, and you must go through a two-part application process consisting of a general preliminary application and a program application.


Give yourself plenty of time before the program application deadline as the preliminary application can take up to 10 days for processing. 

Research Your Options

  • Stop by the Off-Campus Programs Office and find a program that fits your needs and interests.
  • Talk with your advisor and discuss your options.
  • Make sure your passport is up-to-date (and will not expire any time in the next year), or apply for a passport. Obviously, our semester programs in Washington D.C. and New Mexico do not require you to have a passport.

Complete The Preliminary Application 

  • The preliminary application determines your academic and social eligibility for an off-campus program. 
  • The preliminary application is available from the Off-Campus Programs Office (Hiemenga Hall 322) or can be printed out by clicking here.
  • Instructions for completing the preliminary application:  
    • Consult your advisor concerning the credits in the program you'd like to apply for and have him/her sign your preliminary application form. Make sure to talk about the courses you will take in your semester after you return from your program—you'll be gone during advising. 
    • Get approval from the department chair for your major and/or minor if you would like any credits from the off-campus semester to be applied to your major or minor program. 
    • Return the completed preliminary application to the Off-Campus Programs office. 
  • If your preliminary application is denied, you can appeal this decision using the following guidelines.

Complete the Application

  • Once the preliminary application is approved, you will be sent an e-mail with a link to the on-line application.   
  • Please complete this application on-line and send out your two recommendation forms to your selected “recommenders” (one of whom must be a collegiate professor who has had you in class, the other can be anyone of your choosing).
  • After the on-line application is completed, you will be contacted by the program director to sign-up for an interview. 
  • Notification of acceptance or denial will come within two weeks of your interview.   
  • Once you have been accepted to an off-campus program, fill out a travel request form to indicate to Calvin Travel Services when you would like to travel to and from your travel location.