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Research opportunities in Nursing

Resources: Research Opportunities in Nursing

Summer Research at Calvin

Calvin College for many years has encouraged and arranged research opportunities for its students. One of these occurs during the summer when students work with faculty and receive salary support in the form of summer research fellowships. For more information, consult the Science Division's Summer Research site.

Calvin Research Fellowships (CRFs), Summer CRF's, and Sabbatical Leaves of Absence
  • Calvin Research Fellowships are intended to help faculty pursue projects of independent scholarship and to aid them in ongoing, continuing, independent research. To qualify as "independent" research or scholarship, including projects in the creative or performing arts, the scholarly endeavors must not be directly connected with teaching. The annual application deadline is September 20.
  • The Summer Calvin Research Fellowship Program gives faculty the opportunity to apply for funding support to cover salary or research expenses or some combination of the two. The current application deadline of February 1, 2008 is now past. Please look for applications for Summer CRFs 2009 to be posted again in December 2008.
  • A sabbatical leave is one in which the college meets the salary and fringe benefits costs during the period of the leave. The following criteria apply for all sabbatical proposals: they should be creative and/or scholarly, have a public benefit, and be a project of sufficient size and worth to merit a full semester's work. The annual application deadline is September 20.
McGregor Sumer Research Student Fellowship Program
  • McGregor Fellows will earn a stipend of $3,300 for nine weeks of full-time work during the summer months in partnership with a faculty member. They will also participate in a weekly colloquium with other McGregor Fellows, and present research results at a professional presentation determined by the faculty mentor and student fellow.
  • McGregor Program Overview