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The Nursing Program: Details

The two-year pre-nursing curriculum requires nine courses in the natural and social sciences that provide the foundation for professional nursing. These courses include Biology 141, 205, 206, 207, Chemistry 115, Health Education 254, Psychology 151, 201, and Sociology 151. In addition, twelve to fourteen liberal arts courses are required. Foreign language is a component of the liberal arts core. Students are required to have either two years
of high school foreign language with grades of C or better or one year of college level foreign language. If a student needs to take a foreign language at Calvin, it should be taken during the first or second year.

The upper division nursing major is a two-year sequence normally taken in the junior and senior years. It consists of thirteen courses
distributed over four semesters with 12 semester hours of course work required each semester. While students taking only nursing
major courses are considered full-time during those four semesters, elective courses may also be taken during these semesters.

Those interested in nursing should indicate this at the time they begin their studies at Calvin. They will then be assigned to an academic advisor from the nursing department.