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Interims Abroad: Christian Nursing in the Philippines

Interim in the Philippines From January 5 - 24, 2005, eight nursing students participated in an interim class in the Philippines. This course exposed nursing students to some of the unique nursing care situations of a developing country while allowing them to interact with other nursing students in Christian nursing programs. Opportunities to live, work and study alongside Philippine nursing students broadened Calvin students' understanding of Philippine culture. In addition, the close partnership of student to student provided many opportunities to develop an understanding of the expectations and responsibilities of a Philippine nurse and a developing health care system. Students experienced much personal growth in cultural awareness and the ability to interact with people of the Philippine culture. Students traveled on the large island of Luzon province as well as on the smaller island of Negros Oriental. This allowed tem to see the striking contrast between wealth and poverty in Manila and the poverty of those living in the countryside. The beautiful tropical setting provided a backdrop for a culture of gentle people who have experienced major influences of the Spanish and Americans. The majority of the course involved experiencing nursing in both acute and community nursing settings in company with a Philippino student.

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