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Off-Campus Interim - Ethiopia (2008)

Ethiopia: Community of Hope

This interdisciplinary course traveled to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This developing-world city of 6 million people is on a plateau 6,000 feet above sea level. Students immersed themselves in the Ethiopian culture, including exposure to economics, health care, religion, and educational systems.

They also visited and lived within a mission compound and became familiar with the efforts of Serving in Missions (SIM) in both urban and outpost (bush) locations in Ethiopia.

Students took advantage of opportunities for exploration and involvement in education, social work, nursing, development, international studies, and medical missions. Students also experienced both the urban and rural sites and be able to compare/ contrast these sub-cultures.

The reality of HIV-AIDS in Africa and current treatments and services available in Ethiopia was visited first-hand. Visits were made to various hospitals, orphanages and clinics dealing with the impacts of HIV/AIDS. Team discussions, guest speakers, and informal lectures sharing ideas for hope, community, and faith in the face of poverty and disease took place.

Ethiopia has many beautiful natural attractions with abundant African wildlife. Field trips included mountain resorts, national parks, orphanages and international relief offices. Students were personally challenged as the complex realities of Ethiopia were explored. Pretrip preparations included meetings in the fall and advance readings.