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Off-Campus Interim - Belize (2005-2007, 2009)

Nursing Interim in Belize Belize is a beautiful country wedged between Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, Guatemala and the aquamarine Caribbean Sea. God's little piece of paradise! Christian nurses need to understand the struggles and services available in global health. Because of this, we travel and study a wide variety of people and the nursing care available to them. We learn about the wealthy private hospitals (that rarely serve natives since it is so expensive). We learn about poorer government hospitals that operate with minimal resources. Nursing students work alongside Belizean nurses in clinics, hospitals and out on community "mobile clinics". We visit the only psych hospital in the country and the only nursing home in the country. We learn about a variety of alternative medicine therapies such as a Taiwanese acupuncturist, herbal healers, and jungle remedies. We travel to Guatemala and compare the cultures, health and nursing care in the two countries. We also live in a Mayan village where we learn from neighbors, community health workers and traditional midwives. Just for fun we explore Mayan ruins, canoe in caves, horseback ride, hike in the rainforest and snorkel on the worlds 2nd largest coral reef. We laugh, sing, worship and have personal devotions. We see God in the faces of the people, in the beauty of His Creation and the relationships with each other. It is a time of immense learning about God's world, about ourselves, about global nursing and a rich time for spiritual growth.

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