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News: New Nursing Facilities

Simulation MannequinsA recent renovation of the Calvin College Department of Nursing laboratory space in the Science Building has resulted in two updated Nursing Skills Laboratories inSB220 and SB236. Each lab has seven distinct areas, all replicating a hospital/clinic environment. The labs contains wall systems capable of simulating oxygen and suction at the bedside and are fully supplied with equipment and teaching models to accommodate instruction and practice.   A small medication room setting contains supplies and equipment comparable to that in a hospital medication room.  Each lab also includes a simulation room, used for replicating clinical scenarios in a variety of settings, as well as student skills testing.

Mannequin in simulation room

The Nursing Media Center, in NH268, contains networked computers and provides an area for students to view assigned media programs, as well as research and complete assignments. Our library of videos, DVDs, and software is housed in this area, and many programs are networked on computer for easy student access.

The Lab/Media Coordinator office is located between the two labs for easy faculty and student access.  The department also has seminar/conference rooms, departmental office/work space, and faculty offices.