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Italian countryside

Experiential Learning: Interim 2012

2012 interim opportunities

On-campus courses

IDIS 306 A History of the Book with Prof. Frans van Liere
8:30 a.m. to noon.

This course will explore the history and various aspects of books and book production in the Middle Ages, both in their material and intellectual context.  It will explore issues of medieval literacy, the history of books collections and libraries (including a visit to a medieval manuscript collection), as well as provide some hand-on experience of medieval book production, in the making of paper, the cutting of pens, writing the text, and bookbinding.  Although it is primarily intended as a capstone course for those students who have selected a minor in medieval studies, it will also be of interest to anyone with an interest in the Middle Ages.

Required for medieval studies minors.






Related off-campus courses

IDIS W42 Italy: Ancient & Medieval with K. Bratt, M. Williams.

IDIS W60 Science & Religion: Italy & England with H. Bouma.


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You can find more information about these and other related Interim courses at the interim web site or off-campus programs.