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Hildagard of Bingen reenactor

About Us

Why medieval studies

The Middle Ages was a formative period for modern culture and institutions. It decisively shaped the history of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

students writing with quillsMedieval scholars rediscovered the classics and laid the foundations of Christian liberal arts education. Important political concepts such as national sovereignty, constitutionalism, and representative government were born in this period.

Modern European languages and vernacular literary traditions first appeared in the Middle Ages. This minor in medieval studies aims to inspire you to both appreciate and to examine critically the medieval roots of modern culture.

Our alumni

Graduates of the minor in Medieval studies are now working in a variety of fields. Read about two of our grads, Anthony Minnema and Bobbi Sutherland, who have gone on to complete PhDs.


Teaching resources

Grantchester: A Medieval Village. This site walks you through a medieval village in England.