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Mail can be sent to any member of the department at the following address

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Calvin College
1740 Knollcrest Circle SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Department Phone: (616) 526-7163
Fax: (616) 526-6501


Michael Bolt, Associate Professor
PhD (University of Chicago)
North Hall 292
(616) 526-6719
R. John Ferdinands, Professor
PhD (Purdue University)
North Hall 275
(616) 526-7110
Earl D. Fife, Professor
PhD (Wesleyan University)
North Hall 293
(616) 526-6403
Charles Hampton, Professor
PhD (University of Wisconsin)
North Hall 278
(616) 526-7712
Tom Jager, Professor
PhD (University of Chicago)
North Hall 269
(616) 526-6405
Todd Kapitula, Professor
PhD (University of Maryland, College Park)
North Hall 274
(616) 526-1379
Laura Kapitula, Assistant Professor
PhD (University of New Mexico)
North Hall 285
(616) 526-7672
Janice Koop, Professor
PhD (University of Colorado)
North Hall 273
(616) 526-6427
Christopher Moseley, Associate Professor
PhD (University of North Carolina)
North Hall 286
(616) 526-6352
Marilyn Myers, Assistant Professor
PhD (Queen's University)
North Hall 278
(616) 526-7631

On leave

Pam Plantinga, Assistant Professor, part-time
MS (University of Michigan)
North Hall 258
(616) 526-8643
Randall Pruim, Associate Professor
PhD (University of Wisconsin)
North Hall 284
(616) 526-7113

Interests: Statistics (biostatistics, statistical computation, statistical genetics), Computational Science, Interdisciplinary Science Research and Education
Thomas Scofield, Associate Professor
PhD (Michigah State University)
North Hall 281
(616) 526-6856
Michael Stob, Professor, chair
PhD (University of Chicago)
North Hall 279
(616) 526-7114
Gary Talsma, Professor
PhD (Purdue University)
North Hall 280
(616) 526-6422
James Turner, Associate Professor
PhD (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
North Hall 272
(616) 526-6753
Gerard Venema, Professor
PhD (University of Utah)
North Hall 287
(616) 526-6402

Retired Faculty

James Bradley, Professor, Emeritus
PhD (University of Rochester)
Daryl Brink, Professor, Emeritus
PhD (Michigan State University)
Jack Kuipers, Professor, Emeritus
MSE, ISE (University of Michigan)
North Hall 260
(616) 526-6404
Sanford Leestma, Professor, Emeritus
PhD (New Mexico State University)
Carl Sinke, Professor, Emeritus
PhD (Purdue University)
George Van Zwalenberg, Professor, retired
PhD (University of California, Berkeley)
Paul Zwier, Professor, Emeritus
PhD (Purdue University)
North Hall 269
(616) 526-6349


Sharon Gould, Administrative Assistant
North Hall 270
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