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Korean language courses

101 Elementary Korean (4). F.  An introductory course in the Korean language, introducing the basic structures of Korean while focusing on the development of speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. It also incorporates major cultural aspects of Korea throughout the instruction that students begin to appreciate and understand Korean culture in its diversity as well as its significance. This course is followed by K102, K201, K202.

102 Elementary Korean (4). S. As a continuation of Korean 101, this course aims to improve students’ proficiency in conversation with a native speaker, listening comprehension, and writing basic statements. By using multimedia such as music, drama, and film, students will be able to gain insights in both traditional and modern ways of Korea. Prerequisite: K101 or permission of the instructor.

201 Intermediate Korean (4). F. This course enables students to consolidate knowledge of basic grammar and extend the range of grammar and vocabulary acquired in K101 and 102. Through skits, compositions, simulations of real situations and contexts, students will have ample opportunities to develop well-balanced functional proficiency in Korean. It pays special attention to communication skills in writing and speaking that are grammatically accurate and socially appropriate. Prerequisite: K102 or permission of the instructor. 

202 Intermediate Korean (4). S. This course provides students with further communicative skills in speaking, listening, reading, and writing with more complex grammatical structures in Korean. Exploring Korean adage, proverb and old four syllable Sino Korean words will make students understand social value and common sense ingrained deeply in Korean culture. Prerequisite: K201 or permission of the instructor.