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Japanese language courses

101 Elementary Japanese (4). F. An introduction to Japanese language and culture, stressing both spoken and written Japanese. After one semester students will be able to carry on simple conversations in Japanese, read dialogues written in Japanese, and understand some fundamentals of Japanese social values and ways of thinking.

102 Elementary Japanese (4). S. A continuation of Japanese 101. Continued study of Japanese grammar with equal emphasis on improving conversational proficiency and on reading and writing Japanese. Many more “kanji” (Chinese characters) will be introduced for reading and writing and as a medium for gaining insight into Japanese culture. Prerequisite: Japanese 101 or permission of the instructor.

201 Intermediate Japanese (4). F. The goal of this course is to further the student’s ability to speak, understand, read, and write the Japanese language. Extensive oral drills and reading exercises continue to be used. By the end of the term, the student will know 300 “kanji”. Numerous cultural notes and written dialogues portraying various social situations provide insight into Japanese culture and various ways of thinking. Prerequisite: Japanese 102 or permission of the instructor.

202 Intermediate Japanese (4). S. This semester completes the study of basic Japanese grammar and syntax. By the end of the semester the student will have been introduced to all the basic grammar patterns of Japanese and will have mastered a total of 500 “kanji”.

301 Advanced Japanese Language I (4). F. This course is designed to develop advanced competence in both spoken and written Japanese through exercises, drills, and conversation in class. The finer points of Japanese grammar will be analyzed systematically. Students will also continue their study of
the written language by learning many new “kanji”. Various aspects of life in Japan today are discussed in order to prepare students culturally for travel, study, or work in Japan. Prerequisite: Japanese 202 or permission of the instructor.

302 Advanced Japanese Language II (4). S. A continuation of the systematic study of advanced grammar and composition. Students will learn many new “kanji” as they improve their skills in written Japanese. Conversation practice will also be emphasized. Prerequisite: Japanese 301 or permission of the instructor.

311 Advanced Japanese Language and Culture I (3). F. This course is designed to enhance
understanding of Japanese culture, people, colloquial expressions and social behaviors through literature, articles, audio and video clips. Students will practice expressing their thoughts, opinions, and comments in Japanese, and learn to interact fluently in specific situations which are very common if one lives or works in Japan. Prerequisite: Japanese 302 or permission of the instructor.

312 Advanced Japanese Language and Culture II (3). S. This course builds on Japanese 311 through more literature, articles, audio and video clips on Japanese history, society, and culture. Prerequisite: Japanese 311 or permission of the instructor.