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Calvin students in Haiti

Off-Campus Programs

Study Off-Campus

As part of the IDS program, students will participate in an off-campus program in a developing nation.

Calvin Programs

Calvin offers several semester-long programs that focus on studying development and fulfill the study abroad requirement for international development studies. 100% of your financial aid applies to the following, Calvin-sponsored programs:

Honduras (Justice Studies)
Fall semester

Honduras developmentThis semester program offers students an excellent opportunity to gain an up-close look at the developing world and hands-on experience with justice and development issues. STHO 212 fulfills the Community Development requirement of the IDS major, and the other two development classes, STHO 210 and 211, count as IDS electives.

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Spring semester

Ghana semesterThe Ghana program provides students with courses in African culture, history and recent political economic development. Excursions to important geographic and cultural regions bring students into contact with many of Ghana’s distinct ethnic groups, their ways of life and their modern day challenges. Students also gain experience in the development field through internships with local non-governmental organizations. Courses taken in Ghana usually qualify as IDS electives.

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For students interested in majoring in both IDS and Spanish, Calvin's Spanish Studies program in Honduras offers the opportunity to study both majors within the same context.

Honduras (Spanish Studies)
Spring semester

Honduras Spanish semesterThough this semester is focused primarily on language rather than development, it still offers an excellent experience for students who desire to increase their Spanish fluency while gaining a close look at a developing country. SPHO 205 counts as the Introduction to Development and substitutes for IDS 201. Courses in Latin American literature and culture are generally counted as IDS electives.

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Non-Calvin Programs

There are other development-focused study abroad programs offered by different colleges and organizations which can fulfill your study abroad requirement. Varying levels of financial aid apply to these programs.

Transylvania Semester Program: Northwestern College offers a semester in Romania through New Horizons Foundation. Students in this program will study Romanian culture, history, and language, while also focusing on experiential education, service learning, and sustainable development theory.

Thailand Semester: The International Sustainable Development Studies Institute offers a semester in Thailand. This program looks at the links between culture and ecology through the lens of sustainability and development.


Programs in Developing Nations

Both Calvin and other institutions offer other programs in the developing world. While these programs do not exclusively focus on studying development, they provide other options to study abroad in developing nations.

Interim Abroad

Calvin offers many off-campus interim courses each January and May.

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World Renew Internships

Students who have already completed their development studies semester abroad may consider doing a semester long internship with World Renew. These internships offer students the opportunity to work with World Renew or one of its local partners. Here is where students can put development theory into practice and evaluate their own professional calling. Such internships carry 12 credits and count for two of the IDS electives.