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International development studies faculty


International development studies program advisors

Jonathan Bascom Johnathan Bascom
Professor of geography
phone: 526-7053 | office: NH 081

Courses taught: IDS 201, GEO 230, 242
Background: Prof. Bascom's work experience includes an internship with the Africa Bureau of the US Agency for International Development. Much of his research and writing focuses on refugees and the issues that surround their migration, protection, and assistance. He has also written on a pedagogical approach to teaching Third World geography.

Roland Hoksbergen
IDS program director, professor of economics
phone: 526-6369 | office: NH 164

Courses taught: IDS 201, 351, 395, ECON 237
Background: Before coming to Calvin College , Prof. Hoksbergen worked for the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC) in Latin America. He has led off-campus semesters in both Ghana and Honduras . His research includes the role of civil society in developing countries and the strengthening of partnership networks among non-government organizations.

Tracy KuperusTracy Kuperus
Associate professor
phone: 526-8848 | office: NH 181

Courses taught: IDS 201, 351, 395, POLS 272
: Before coming to Calvin, Professor Kuperus taught in the political science departments at Westmont College (1995-96) and Gordon College (1997-2002). She has co-led Calvin's off-campus interim to South Africa. Her research has focused on church-state relations in South Africa and the interaction between civil society and democratization in southern Africa.

Daniel MillerDaniel Miller
Professor of history
phone: 526-6196 | office: HH 474

Courses taught: IDS 201, HIST 238
Background: Prof. Miller offers courses on the history of Latin America and he has taken student groups to Central America and Argentina. His current research interests include the Mexican Revolution and the growth of Protestantism in Latin America.

Joe KuilemaJoe Kuilema
Social Work Instructor
phone:526-6489 | office: SC 225

Courses taught: IDS 355
Background:Prof. Kuilema teaches the community development class. He is espeically interested in social work in West African settings, how macro social work is and can be integrated into social work curriculum at the BSW level, and how faith and theology intersect with professional
value statements like the NASW code of ethics. 

Todd VandenbergTodd Vanden Berg
Professor of sociology
phone:526-6705 | office: SC 235

Courses taught: IDS 201, SOC 253
Background: Prof. Vanden Berg's fieldwork in Cultural Anthropology is with the Longuda of Adamawa State Nigeria. His research includes the topics of involuntary resettlement and religious integration, specifically on the witchcraft beliefs of Longuda Lutheran Christians. He has also led the interim to Jamaica.

Kurt Ver BeekKurt Ver Beek
Assistant professor of sociology
Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Courses taught: STHO 210, 211, 212
Background: Prof. Ver Beek has worked with the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (now World Renew) in Central America for six years and now leads the semester and interim programs in Honduras. He has worked with many grass-roots organizations in Honduras and is a founder of the Association for a more Just Society (AJS). He is currently studying the long-term effects of short-term missions.

Other Calvin faculty with international development expertise

Adel Abadeer, economics, teaches ECON 337 and 338 and has expertise in Egypt and the Middle East , and recently published a book on modern-day slavery.

David Dornbos, biology, teaches BIO 364 and has a strong interest in agricultural issues.

Mark Fackler, communication arts and sciences, has led many interim classes to Kenya.

Evert Van Der Heide, economics, teaches ECON 237 and 337, and studies economic development in Indonesia, focusing especially on labor and employment issues.

Joel Westra, political science, teaches POLS 309 and specializes in international organizations and law.