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About the Conference Theme

From Here to Shalom: Participating in God's Plan for Universal Flourishing

We invite you to the Faith and International Development Conference 2013, an opportunity to gather as students, professors, practitioners, and believers to engage in discussion of holistic development in the context of our vibrant faith. The theme we wish to delve into and explore together is: From here to Shalom. From a unique faith based perspective we will address the questions of how and to what ends does God guide our development work and thinking. Living in the “now and not yet of the Kingdom of God” we are acutely aware of the brokenness, injustice, and poverty evident here in the world. Yet we are redeemed as a new creation in Christ, empowered by God’s Holy Spirit to be agents of renewal, and reveal The Kingdom here and now. Dr. Cornelius Plantinga paints a picture of Life in the Kingdom of God in his definition of shalom as “universal flourishing, wholeness and delight – a rich state of affairs in which natural needs are satisfied and natural gifts are fruitful employed, all under the arch of Gods love.” Shalom. This is the end to which God has called us to continually strive for in our thoughts, words, and deeds. Let us gather as development minded people to participate in rich discussion and mutual encouragement in running the race Christ has set before us, From Here to Shalom.

About the 2013 Conference

The Faith and International Development Conference (FIDC) has brought students and practitioners together to share in their enthusiasm for development work and build relationships through networking for the past 7 years.  The cornerstone of this conference is built on the faith that we are redeemed in Christ and called to be his hands and feet throughout the world.

This year our hope is that God will use the FIDC as a space to fan the flames of passion for development work we share in, and ignite a sense of calling within each attendee to go out into the world and do the good things Christ has prepared in advance for us to do. Through inspiring speakers and practical breakout sessions it is our hope to delve into the rich subject of development anew, that questioning and challenging one another will lead to God-directed growth.  This year our aspiration in this conference is that each attendee will formulate a fresh perspective of International Development in the context of our faith, and will visualize their place in this rich working and vibrant tapestry of God’s Kingdom.