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Careers: Recent Graduates

Emily Romero '05

I am working in Tegucigalpa Honduras. I am co-director with my husband David called Jubilee Centers International. It is an organization that we helped found with a few other people. The main thing we are doing, we just came to Honduras in Nov. of last year. Most of our real day to day work started in February this year. We are working in a poor community called La Erida . One of our main goals is to work in formal education making Christian education accessible to poor families. Trying to offer
the highest quality education within our reach while spreading the gospel message of Christ to them and their families. We are not actually the teachers. This year we started with Pre-K and K and we have about 90 students. We have four teachers and a lot of our day to day work we have parent/teacher meetings.

How did you get to where you are today?

My husband is Honduran and about four years ago we left to get married and left to study in Fuller Theological Seminary in CA. We were in the U.S. for about three years and our goal was always to return to Honduras. We were not really sure how or in what way we were going to do that. We felt God had given us a calling or put it on our heart to return to the Ministry. That has been in on our heart the last three years during our studies at Fuller and that this was only temporary and we were going back to Honduras. Until about a year ago we did not know how things were going to come together. We felt starting something new would be the best way. Our goal was to network with other organizations and churches. The organization was born about a year ago and we just started within our personal network with fundraising and building awareness about what we helped do; at that time about a year ago or 9 or even 6 months ago it was just a dream a vision and a calling,

What is a challenge you have faced in your work?

We have limited financial resources and we have to rise personal funding to live here and also to raise funding for the ministry and the school. A lot of times missionaries who go abroad and are
working under an established organization raise funding for their personal needs, but funding is mostly taken care of for the organization itself. But we have to take care of all of that. It is a little bit double. It is definitely a huge challenge we have and the Lord is faithful and we are doing things day by day and trust in Him day by day.

Advice to current IDS Students:

I think it is good to get short term experience and to realize how different things will often be. In the beginning things don't seem so different, but so often we don't realize these deeper ingrained ideas, because we are North American. It takes a deeper understanding and a lot of reflection.