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Careers: Recent Graduates

Alisa Volbeda '05

Alisa Volbeda with little boy in Lesotho, click for more pictures

What degree did you graduate Calvin with?

Business Communications with an emphasis in Third World Development, 2005

What's your official position where you are working now?

Marketing Coordinator for Central Creative Group and MBA student at Biola University

Please describe briefly the path you've followed since graduation that led you to this position?

  • 1 year as a graphic designer for Agility Group in Grand Rapids, MI
  • 1 year as a Consultant in Communications and Cross-Cultural Living for DevPro in Delhi, India
  • Almost 2 years in my current position as Marketing Coordinator for Central Creative Group in Chino, CA

How does your faith influence the work that you do?

Admittedly, I used to believe that pastors and missionaries were the ones doing the real work for the kingdom and the rest of us did our part by paying their bills. Now, after years of involvement in the Business as Missions movement, I believe everyone has an equally important role in the kingdom. Yes, we can give financially, but our other role is just as significant, to live everyday life in the work place in such a way that makes others curious about what makes you different. How I work has become a form of living out my faith, worshiping God, thanking Him for the blessing of work, while also being salt and light to my co-workers.

What is your best advice for current IDS students?

Don't be afraid to take risks...just calculate them.

Looking back at your time at Calvin, what were your favorite aspects of it and is there anything you wish you would have done differently or more of?

One of my favorite aspects of Calvin was the study abroad programs I took to Spain, Ghana, and Jamaica. More specifically it was the Ghana semester that gave me priceless experience in IDS. In my on-campus classes, I had been given all the theories, written the papers, and discussed the formulas for success in development. However, it wasn’t until I actually lived in a developing country and befriended the nationals that these theories came to life.

In hindsight, I wouldn’t have done anything differently during my years at Calvin, but would encourage current students to get out of the classroom and into internships and abroad programs to put their theories to the test.

Do you have any other words of hope or wisdom to offer soon-to-be IDS graduates?

Be the change that you want to see in the world. ~ Mahatma Gandhi