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Careers: Recent Graduates

Recent Calvin graduates

Calvin graduates with majors or minors in international development go on to work in a broad range of fields around the world. Learn more about these fields and get advice about how to make the most of your international development studies major or minor.


Emily Daher

Emily Daher '11

Current activities (2014): Communications Teaching Fellow at the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST), Ghana
Major/Minor: IDS and Political Science


Emily Daher

Jill Van Beek '09

Current activities (2014): Director of Operations at Association for a More Just Society (AJS)
Major/Minor: IDS and Business


Elizabeth Ross

Elizabeth Ross '09

Current activities (2013): Staff at Heart of Texas Urban Gardening Coalition, Healthy Futures Coordinator at the Family Health Center of Waco
Major/Minor: IDS


Rebecca Garofano

Rebecca Garofano '10

Current activities (2013): Office Manager at ECHO's Asia Impact Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Major/Minor: IDS and Sociology




Carissa De Young

Carissa De Young '10

Current activities (2013): Ecuador Partnership Manager for Partners Worldwide
Major/Minor: IDS, Economics, Spanish


Erica Boonstra

Erica Boonstra '08

Current activities (2013): Advocacy Manager at International Justice Mission
Major/Minor: IDS, English


Alisa Buma

Alisa Buma '03

Current activities: Program Coordinator Samaritan's Purse



Liz Schepel

Liz Schepel '03

Current activities: Graduate Student at Arizona State
Major: Spanish



Emily Romero

Emily Romero '05

Current activities: Co-Director of Jubilee Centers International
Lives in: Tegucigalpa, Honduras




Jillian Baker

Jillian Baker '04

Current activities: World Vision in Uganda
Major/Minor: English Literature/IDS



Tricia Vanderkooy

Tricia Vanderkooy '99

Current activities: Consulting projects to focus on disseration
International development experience: worked in Haiti with the CRWRC


Jason FiletaJason Fileta '05

Majors/minors: sociology and IDS
Current activities (2007): field organizer for the Micah Challenge

Arianne Folkema Arianne Folkema '04

Majors/minors: biochemistry
Current activities (2007): in masters of public health program at Emory University

Pellagia Muliba

Pellagia Muliba-Geston '05

Majors/minors: Economics and IDS
Current activities (2007): Africa Region Project Manager for Opportunity International

Chris O'BrienChris O'Brien '03

Majors/minors: economics/IDS and German
Current activities (2006): Peace Corps Volunteer in Peru

Kris Ozar Kris Ozar '00

Majors/minors:business/ communication, IDS
Current activities (2008): monitoring and evaluation/learning for Catholic Relief Services

Sarah Reynolds Sarah Reynolds '01

Majors/minors: economics and Spanish, IDS
Current activities (2008): PhD candidate in economics at Cornell

Rebecca Vander MeulenRebecca Vander Meulen '99

Majors/minors: biology, IDS and archaeology
Current activities (2009): community development director, Diocese of Niassa, Mozambique

Alisa VolbedaAlisa Volbeda '05

Majors/minors: business and communications, IDS
Current activities (2009): MBA student at Biola University


Matt van GeestMatt van Geest '97

Majors/minors: International Development

Current activities (2009):Program Officer for the IOM in Port au Prince Haiti


Featured graduate


Karen Genzink '08

Current activities: Business Development Facilitator

Read more about Karen's work in international development and see her advice for IDS students.