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IDS Courses 2016-17

IDS 201 Introduction to International Development (3). F and S. An introduction to the history of international development, to the realities of contemporary life in the world’s low income countries, and to competing theoretical perspectives on development and change. The course addresses cultural, social, political, religious, economic, and environmental elements of people’s lives in the developing world. It also surveys and critiques such dominant perspectives on development as modernization, dependency, world systems, globalization, and sustainable development.

IDS 351 National and Regional Development (3). F. An in-depth study of the major contemporary explanations for low levels of development and corresponding recommendations for promoting development at national and regional levels. These explanations focus variously on economic institutions and policies; political institutions and governance; cultural and religious orientations; human rights; geography and the natural environment; technology; social capital and civil society; and globalization/imperialism. Prerequisite: IDS 201, SPHO 205, or permission of instructor.

IDS 355 Community Development (3). S. A study of the theories, problems and methods associated with international development work at the community level. Topics include participatory methods, community mapping, survey and assessment methods, project planning and evaluation, asset based community development, appreciative inquiry, donor-client relationships, organizational partnerships, gender mainstreaming, and adult education methods. Special attention is given to the way Christian development organizations carry out these methods. Most of the course is directed toward international community development experiences, but some case studies and illustrations are also taken from a North American context. Prerequisite: IDS 201, SPHO 205 or permission of instructor.

IDS 359 Internship in Development (12). F and S. Internships will typically take place in collaboration with World Renew (formerly known as CRWRC), and will generally involve World Renew's placement of the student with one of its partner organizations, either in a developing nation or in North America. Students will work for four to five months with this partner in areas of development work including community development, micro-enterprise and business development, literacy and adult education, organizational capacity building, data gathering, basic health, disaster preparedness and response, refugee assistance and resettlement, local church-based development, and peace and reconciliation work. Placement will occur through an application and interview process. See one of the IDS advisors for more information. Prerequisites: IDS 201 or SPHO 205, IDS 355 or STHO 212, Sociology 253, a semester educational experience in a developing nation or its equivalent, appropriate language capabilities, and junior/senior status.

IDS 395: Senior Seminar in International Development Studies (3). F and S. A study of the worldview foundations of contemporary development theories, with special attention to Christian perspectives on development and development work. Topics include modernization, dependency, post-development, feminist and capabilities approach perspectives on development, as well as Christian perspectives on development arising from the Roman Catholic, Mennonite and Reformed traditions. Prerequisite: senior status and two IDS courses.