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International development studies students in Ghana


Study International Development at Calvin

Calvin offers two tracks of study in international development: an 12-course IDS major and a six-course IDS minor.

International Development Studies Major

In the IDS major, you'll take ten required courses to build your knowledge and theoretical base in development studies and two elective courses to gain specialization in an area of your choice. You'll also spend at least one semester studying off-campus in a developing country.

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International Development Studies Minor

In the IDS minor, you will take three require courses and three elective courses. You will also participate in an off-campus interim course or semester-long program in a developing country.

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Finding Your Vocation with IDS

International development is a broad field of study with many possibilities. Consider combining IDS with another major or minor to enhance your learning within a certain area of development. By studying IDS with another discipline, you'll have the opportunity to see how IDS can become a part of your vocation.

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Wondering about what you'll do with an international development major or minor after graduation?