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Fall 2014 Events

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Thursday, September 18

3:30 pm, Meeter Center Lecture Hall

Frans van Liere (Calvin College):

"An Introduction to the Medieval Bible"

Calvin History Professor Frans van Liere will present a brief overview of his recently published work, An Introduction to the Medieval Bible. All are welcome and refreshments will be served.

More about the book: 
The Middle Ages spanned the period between two watersheds in the history of the biblical text: Jerome's Latin translation c. 405 and Gutenberg's first printed version in 1455. In an account that is sensitive to the religiously diverse world of the Middle Ages, Frans van Liere offers here an accessible introduction to the study of the Bible in this period. Discussion of the material evidence - the Bible as book - complements an in-depth examination of concepts such as lay literacy and book culture. This introduction includes a thorough treatment of the principles of medieval hermeneutics, and a discussion of the formation of the Latin Bible text and its canon. It will be a useful starting point for all those engaged in medieval and biblical studies.

Co-sponsored with the Meeter Center.


Thursday, October 16 & Friday, October 17

3:30 pm, Meeter Center Lecture Hall

Paul Lim (Vanderbilt Divinity School)

Paul Lim is an award-winning historian of Reformation- and post-Reformation Europe. His latest book, Mystery Unveiled: The Crisis of the Trinity in Early Modern England (Oxford, 2012), won the 2013 Roland H. Bainton Prize as the best book in history/theology by the Sixteenth Century Society and Conference. His other areas of research are the history of evangelicalism and global Christianities. Currently, he is writing a book on the transformation of global evangelical attitudes toward and endeavors on eradication of human trafficking and structural poverty. He will give two lectures.

Thursday, October 16:

"Whose Mystery, Which Way to the Trinity? Politics and Polemics of Biblicism in 17th-Century England"

Friday, October 17:

"Two Rival Visions of Christian Activism toward Sex Trafficking in Contemporary Korean and Diaspora Christianity"

Listen to an audiorecording of this lecture here.

Co-sponsored with the Korean Lectureship Series, the Hubers Asian Studies Program, Calvin Theological Seminary, the Byker Chair in Applied Theology and Worldview, Congregational and Ministry Studies, the Nagel Institute for the Study of World Christianity, and others.


Wednesday, November 19

3:30 pm, Meeter Center Lecture Hall

Young Kim (Calvin College)

"Bitter and Sweet Lemons: Ten Months in Cyprus"

Professor Young Kim (History/Classics) and his family spent the 2012-2013 academic year living in Nicosia, Cyprus. As a Fulbright research fellow, he conducted research and wrote a book on the life and times of Epiphanius of Salamis, who was the lead bishop of the island in the late fourth century and renowned as an expert on orthodoxy and heresy. Cyprus has a long and complicated history and even now remains a divided country with a divided capital. Professor Kim will speak on the island's past and present, its peoples and their cultures, and its politics and its future.

Co-sponsored with the Classics department.

Thursday, November 20

1:30 pm, Hiemenga Hall 477

What Can I Do With a History Major?

Resume & Cover Letter Workshop

A history major teaches you more than just names and dates. Studying history builds skills in research, writing, critical thinking, information analysis and cultural intelligence. But how do you translate those skills into the work world?

Join us for this resume and cover letter workshop, where you will learn how to market yourself and the skills you've learned while studying history. Staff from the career development office will give advice on resumes and cover letters specifically for history majors and minors.

This workshop will take place as part of Professor Miller's HIST 294 course, but all history majors and minors, and prospective history majors and minors, are warmly invited to attend. You do not need to have a resume with you to attend. Refreshments will be provided.

Co-sponsored with the Career Development.


Wednesday, December 3

3:30 pm, Meeter Center (4th floor Hekman Library)

Calvin History Honors Presentations

Students graduating with honors in history will present their senior honors theses:

Hailey De Jong: "Catholic Anticommunism: Diversity in the Church's Struggle against the 'Red Devil'"

Catholic anticommunism was greater than the papacy of the Polish Pope or the hysteria of Joseph McCarthy. History has traditionally called Catholic anticommunism by one homogenous name, but in actuality there existed many diverse Catholic anticommunisms. Of the various anticommunisms within Eatern Europe and the United States, there remained three right-wing, extremist parties who, upon closer examination, reveal much more about the varied nature of Catholic anticommunism than any one anticommunism could demonstrate alone. Advisors: Bruce Berglund & Will Katerberg.

Chad Westra: "The Development of Chinese Language Instruction in the United States"

In today’s world, the rise of modern China is everywhere in the headlines. But what does the United States’ relationship with China look like in terms of Chinese language instruction? This project examines the creation of two university Chinese programs, one at MSU and the other at Calvin, as well as the general history of Chinese language instruction in the United States, in light of China’s rise to prominence. Advisor: Bruce Berglund.

Co-sponsored with the Honors Program.


Monday, December 8

3:30 pm, History Department Lounge (HH 495)

History Department Christmas Party

Join us in celebrating Christmas and the end of the semester with a festive party featuring food, games, and a time to relax and socialize before exams. Details to follow, but expect a return of the traditional gingerbread cookie decorating.



Find out more about past events, including recordings and .PDFs of some presentations.


Join us on Wednesdays

History lectures are usually on third Wednesday of the month at 3:30 p.m. in the Meeter Center lecture hall, unless noted at left.

The final colloquium of the year is a special presentation by our graduating Honors students, who present the results of their year-long thesis research.

History colloquia are open to the Calvin community—
students, alumni, faculty, and friends—and all are encouraged to attend.

The Meeter Center lecture hall is on the third floor of Hekman Library, off the library lobby.

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