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Library Resources


The Hekman Library of Calvin Colleges houses a large collection of resources you may access for research during your time in the seminar, including one of the largest collections of Western American studies material in Michigan through the Mellema Program in Western American Studies. In addition to recent scholarship on the American West, this collection includes a significant amount of work on the Canadian West and North. It also includes runs of major journals that focus on the West, notably the Western History Quarterly, Pacific Historical Review, Journal of the West, and Montana: Magazine of Western History.

History resources by geographical location


Primary Sources

Primary Souces Outline


19th Century Primary Source Microfilm Collections

Early American Imprints [MIC] -- Evans (1639-1800)

Early American Imprints [MIC] -- Shaw-Shoemaker (1801-1819)

Grand Rapids and Michigan History

Plains and the Rockies

Western Americana

Travels in the West and Southwest

History of the Canadian Northwest

History of the Pacific Northwest


Powerpoint Slides from Class

Buffalo Bill Cody

Theodore Roosevelt

Frederic Remington

Middle Ground

Indians as Settlers

Cherokee Female Seminary Documents

Gold Rush

Philippine War Cartoons

Land Policy Cartoons

Land Law and Frontiers


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