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Eric WashingtonEric Washington

Assistant Professor, History
Director, African and African Diaspora Studies Minor

Office: Hiemenga Hall 470
African and African Diaspora Studies

Weekly Schedule
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Educational background

B.A., Sociology, Loyola University-New Orleans
M.A., History of Africa, Miami University
Ph.D., African American church and African missions, Michigan State University

Research and professional interests

Prof. Washington is primarily interested in studying the African American church from its development in the late 18th century through the 19th century, and individual Christians, primarily Calvinists. He has a growing academic interest in the growing "Black and Reformed" movement in North America. He is also interested in Protestant missions in Southern Africa primarily among Tswana-speaking groups. And he studies comparative slavery in the Atlantic world, e.g. North America (U.S. and Mexico) and the Caribbean and Latin America.

Prof. Washington is the director of the African and African Diasporia Studies program. He was recently elected as a member of the Board of Directors of Africa Network, a nonprofit consortium of liberal arts colelges committed to literacy about and concern for Africa in American higher education.

Recent activities

Prof. Washington contributed a chapter entitled "'An Open Door and a Welcome Hand': Lewis Garnet Jordan's Ethiopian Vision" in the book Black Scholars in White Space: New Vistas in African American Studies from the Christian Academy (Wipf and Stock, 2015).

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Life outside of Calvin College

"I love watching sports; I would still love to play, but my wife seems very much against it since I have fatherly responsibilities. I'm an avid baseball fan, and of college sports. I'm an active church person who teaches Bible and church history; I love reading all things Reformed, especially on worship. I am a psalm-singer with a nice collection of Psalters."

Other information

Read his blog, Forward to the Reformation, which is on Reformation in the traditional African American church (Baptist).

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