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Doug HowardDoug Howard with really good coffee

Professor, History

Office: Hiemenga Hall 476

Weekly Schedule
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Educational background

B.A., History, Western Michigan University
M.A., History, Indiana University
Ph.D., Uralic and Altaic Studies, Indiana University

Research and professional interests

Prof. Howard has published a survey of the history of Turkey and articles on Ottoman institutional and literary history. He also has an ongoing project that will be a translation and study of a seventeenth-century Ottoman mirror for princes. But he has moved this to the back burner in order to work on writing a history of the Ottoman Empire, tentatively titled Amid the Ruins: The Ottoman Empire, 1300-1924. It is going to be a classic.

Recent activities

Prof Howard lived on Capitol Hill while serving as director of Calvin's semester in Washington, D.C. during the spring of 2012. While there he was also able to do some research in the Library of Congress for his book Amid the Ruins. He also received support for the book project in the form of a summer stipend fellowship from the National Endowment for the Humanities. He spent a month in Turkey doing research and will continue with writing here in Grand Rapids.

Doug Howard sitting on a canonOnce classes begin in the fall, students in Prof Howard's HIST 394 course, "U.S.-Middle East Relations," will have the chance to use documents from the Library of Congress and the State Department on their own research papers. The documents are U.S. government records related to the late Ottoman Empire and early Republic of Turkey, between 1910-1929.

In January 2013, Prof Howard lead an off-campus interim course to Turkey called "Turkish Transformations."

Life outside of Calvin College

"I like to drink really strong coffee. I usually need to eat again at 11 a.m. My wife and I enjoy our season tickets to the Tigers on FS-Detroit. And I like to work out my blues on the piano and in writing music. My wife and I have four surprisingly well adjusted children; my favorite novelists are Orhan Pamuk and Salman Rushdie; I like world music, especially Paul Simon, Geoffrey Oryema, Mercan Dede, and Sezen Aksu; and I like to read Rumi, Said Nursi, and Richard Rohr."

Other informationDoug Howard with Turkish girls

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